Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Colorful Nook

I have a colorful multipurpose room. It serves as a laundry room, guest room, quilt storage and my treadmill is in there. Here is a colorful nook at the end of the bed.

My love of reading began as a little one when my mother read to us every day. When I was in first grade, my favorite book was Perez y Martina. I think it may have been the wonderful illustrations in the book. I found this book, recently, at a flea market.
I've been a big fan of Mary Englebreit since the early 80's...so, there is that. The furry kitty book, "Miss Sniff" is just funny...and, so is the giant pencil.
I painted the ugly old school desk a bright yellow color....because it had to be yellow. I made the little pillow out of a vintage embroidered panel of a Dutch girl and boy.