Friday, February 10, 2012

Update Dated Crochet Spread

Beautiful Crochet Piece
I acquired this piece of crochet so many years ago that I can't even remember where I got it. It is an unfinished bedspread which was beautifully crocheted with white crochet thread and a very small hook. I have used it over the years in my (formerly)all white lacy bedroom, the babies' rocking chair in their pink room, in the shabby guest room and then it was put away for awhile. I took it out a few months back and draped it over my sewing chair. Then I decided it should be orange.

White Crochet With Pillows   
TANGENT ALERT! The pillows on my chair help my back. The flower one is a needlepoint pillow I picked up at Salvation Army for $1. I made the black plaid pillow from one of my sister's sweaters.

This Makes Gorgeous Orange  
Did you know that the Pantone Color of the year 2012 is Tangerine?

Dyed Crochet Outside on Plastic
 I follow the directions on the RIT dye box. I use the salt and I simmer it on the stove. After the dying process, I rinse the piece with vinegar. I laid the spread to dry outside in the warm sunshine (this was done last summer). After it dried, I painted some areas with red and white dye paints, it's simple, use a paint brush to randomly add bits of color. After things all dried out, I heat set the dyes with a pressing cloth and an iron.

I painted the "bubbles"with red and white

The new spread is a gorgeous tangerine with deeper bits of red and lighter bits of pink (because of the white).

Dye Paint is Easy to Use

The dye paint keeps the spread from looking too flat with just one color. Also, where there were stains on the spread, the dye colors will "take" differently, so that is an added bonus.

I Love the Spread on My Trunk

So, here is where this spread is living,now, on top of my old steamer trunk. It adds a great color note in the living room.