Monday, January 16, 2012

Flea Market Finds: Oven Roaster

You know, sometimes you go out to the picking grounds and you just have a feeling that something will be there for you........then you find the extraordinary find! A Westinghouse Oven Roaster in pristine condition!

My second Oven!
I don't know who was more excited, Scot or me! For the low low price of $15 I now have a second oven.
The wire rack is removed, you heat up the oven, then put the food in the rack and lower the rack inside. We found this a few weeks before Thanksgiving and I cooked a whole chicken and then a roast in it to be sure it cooked at the right temperatures. Eureka! I was able to cook my turkey in this and make my bread in my regular oven at the same time, yay!

The lid lip
The lid hangs on to a special lip for it so I can baste things, it is so cool.

it was made in 1940!
Scot looked online and found the instruction manual. This model was made in 1940, so that makes it 72 years old. We figured someone bought it, used it twice and packed it away forever. Well, baby it is getting used, now, and my daughter Robby can't wait for me to pass it on.

Heywood Wakefield Table

Now, THIS! This was a find.....
Heywood Wakefield table
This table caught my eye at the flea market. Then it caught my heart when I saw the price tag at $5. It was mine. I brought it home and looked it up on the world wide web and saw that other people value this lovely design as well. My husband said to sell it. Then I said,"Who would want this five dollar table?"

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mixed Textiles

My mother in law gave us this rocking chair. Even though it had green velvet upholstery on it I liked the chair. It is a comfortable mom and baby chair. So, I had to make it my own by doing an upcycle.
Make a Comfy Spot with Mixed Textiles
I decided to wrap the cushion with an Indian batik.
Indian Batik from Thrift Store

Then I draped a utility quilt on the back.
The Sweet Potato Color is Warm and the rough grid gives this quilt great textural interest

It needed an outstanding pillow. I went into my treasure textile bin and found these South American cat molas. I made the pillow and..... Voila! You can see how I made this pillow on my design blog Taire Daire Designs
You will find out how I made this pillow on my other blog

My rocker is wrapped in a cozy mix of world textiles!

The Camel Saddle was $2 at a garage sale 30 years ago

The foot rest is a Camel Saddle that I found at a garage sale in Texas 30 years ago. Back then, I painted him dark green and put a flowery cushion on his back. My little ones played horsey with him for years. He has seen many changes (mostly the cushion and new glue and nails) over the years. This time I painted him purple and made a new cushion in golden yellow with buttons. Then, I adorned his neck with a bangle bracelet from India.
Upcycled Cozy Corner in Living Room

So, here is a cozy spot in the living room. I will tell you about the great end table in a future's a pretty good story.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chalkboard Door and Eraser

chalkboard door in stitch studio
My sister, Mary Ann gave me a can of Chalkboard Paint.....this is how things get started, ya know.......So, I have doors, windows and pass-throughs in my Stitch Studio, so I have to make every space count. I had a makeshift design area on the door, before, but it wasn't necessary. I painted it with the chalkboard paint and now, it is very useful. I write ideas and sometimes fast sketches on the board. Sometimes a two year old scribbles on the's all good.
chalk eraser station
I had a little white plastic shelf (50 cents from Salvation Army Thrift Store) which I mounted on the wall in the little space between the door and my fabric shelves. The old cigar box (I rarely pay more than one American dollar for my boxes) was the perfect size to hold my chalk (dustless chalk is cool). I made the eraser by gluing wooden letter blocks together. Then I cut and hand stitched about 6 layers of wool felt together. I glued the wool to the blocks.

glue wool to bottom of blocks