Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drawing Room- Art Studio Makeover

The new Design Studio is finished.....until things change! I call it the Drawing Room because I mostly Draw in here.

Enter My Design Studio
After installing the yellow school lockers, I put the red bookcases on either side. I had to think of curtains. I wanted a strong color to balance the red and completes the primary colors already in place. Now, this is cool...I had major yardage of this blue velvet (yes, Blue Velvet!) which my daughter had given me from an in law of hers. How perfect!

Red Book Cases

Here is the stack of red book cases to the left of the lockers. I love the paper bag color on the wall. My special "art pieces" look like they are in a gallery.

My "Blue Boy" is a prize possession.

This art collection consists of an unpainted plaster "Blue Boy" ($2 from a thrift store); My drawing after a sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci; Shadow box of thinking monkeys ($1.50 from thrift store); Little clay pots which I untangled from a macrame net ($1 yard sale).

Red Book Case

Here are the stacked red book cases to the right of the lockers. It is so great to have all my books in one place.

Shoe Form Assemblage

The great shoe forms finally have a place. The boxes are each $1 finds from junking days. The little chalkboard (So sweet) has the original mmm's that were there when I bought the chalkboard for $2 somewhere.  I sprayed the chalkboard with a fixative so that the mmm's will stay put.

Even though space for storage is always at a premium, I decided to give myself a treat by having these small spaces dedicated to somewhat orderly assemblages.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Small Art Studio Make Over (second installment)

Over the years, I've had so much fun going foraging and bringing home parts and pieces for my constantly moving and changing studio spaces. Here are some of the pieces that I like and need for the space....

I have red book cases, one of which I purchased at a yard sale about 25 years ago. The other ones are made of the drawers which I took out of a dresser.
6 Drawers Make 3 Book Cases
 The dresser is now storage for papers and current design work. I added a "folded up" folding table to the top for a real good work surface.
Open Shelving For Design Work and Papers
I needed the book cases just for books. My book collection is the biggest investment I've made next to my house. Research, inspiration and education are critical to me for my development as an artist. I live in a place where there are very few museums or cultural centers. So, I depend on the internet, travel and my books to continue my art education.

Storage Containers "Before"
Here are a couple of storage containers I bought from my favorite flea market guy, Jeff. They cost $5 and are perfect for roll storage. These containers afforded me an afternoon of makeover fun!
Flea Market Embellishments
I painted the containers white. Then added things found at flea markets. The numbers are big black plastic and used for outside signage. String and tags added make me think of import storage containers.
Stickers Add a Red Stripe Trim
These red and white stickers have been a lot of fun to play with. I have about ten rolls of them and they fit in my vintage tape dispenser.
Storage Containers "After"
I like to decorate my containers because playing like this relaxes me and sometimes sparks new ideas for artwork.