Friday, July 22, 2011

Me: Before and After

Before: Mid-century Modern

 I found this picture of me when I was 4 years old and scanned it. I just wanted to save it and didn't really think about how I would use it. So, some friends and I were talking about our ages and I realized that I was mid-century modern, so now I am vintage.

I decided to describe my makeover.

After: Vintage!

First, I grew taller because I was too short for my purpose. At the same time, I worked on experience and gaining knowledge. The experience and knowledge added a patina for that aged look. Finally,I added several coats of paint and some embellishments to dress up the know, kind of shabby chic, especially because I've gotten a little chippy and distressed over the years.

I ended up being a rather versatile piece that works pretty well in just about any room in the house.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enhance Your Quilts- Embellish!.....My New Book...yaaaay...

Enhance Your Quilts-Embellish!
Here is my third book all about embellishment techniques...and they can be used on many projects besides quilts...decorate pillows, make art boxes, altered books, clothing (especially for wearable art) and anything that you would embellish.

I am talking to the person with an embellishmentality. It took me three years to make this book which contains years of design, ideas, collecting and experimenting.....and I finally have it all in one volume to share with everybody...and I can relax now...I finally got it out of my system....yay...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue and White Back Porch Makeover

Bluebird Vignette On Fleamarket Tray

When I decided to redo the back porch...Again... I needed a little inspiration. It came in the form of this little ceramic and white and natural! I had been gathering fleamarket chairs and tables, ideas, aluminum trays, etc. I was ready.

Before Pic Back Porch

Fleamarket Things Gathered and Ready
The wooden pallets will not be painted...I use these for too many things to fancy them up. They were just moved. 

Table Legs are Big Candleholders
The creamy table was constructed from wood..salvaged from a retail store redo... four $1 thrift store wooden candleholders...and molding purchased at a fleamarket...cheep cheeep cheeeep! Maybe the little bird inspired me just then. Scot used really big bolts and screws to put the legs on, then he made a lovely edge with the molding. I got out my gallon of ooops! creamy white paint (3.99) and gave it several coats.

All the Chairs are Thrift Finds!!!

 The four directors chairs had a terrible brown print  fabric for the seat and back pieces. Scot suggested I just dye the pieces dark blue....he is so was perfect and fast and I love RIT dye!!!!!!

The View from the Porch..unstaged
The backyard is kind of a mess, but you can see the pool and part of my garden. I built steps and some of the garden spaces on the slopes with my trusty shovel.