Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red Metal Kitchen Cabinet

This is how I found it. A green metal kitchen cabinet at the St.Vincent DePaul Thrift Store in Owensboro,Kentucky. It was the right measurements! It was the right thing! It had cabinets below! It had a countertop! It had sliding glass in front of shelves on top!
It was exactly what I wanted! It was $40 bucks!
Deb was with me and she said, "Oh my gosh, Terry, it is perfect!
Yes, perfect!.....except for the needed to be cherry red., now it is! Check.
I needed the lower cabinets hold all my kitchen machines....blenders, crockpot, air popcorn popper, yogurt maker, mixer waffle maker and vegetable cutting machines. Check.
I needed the counter top for our coffee station. Check.

I wanted shelves in back of sliding glass doors to display my Bull and my china. Check.
....and it wasn't too tall, so that I could display my kitchen toys on the top. Check...and check!
So, Deb says that I always find just the right thing all the time, like magic. The truth is that I've been looking for something like this as I went on junking adventures for the last 12, Yay!
Enjoy the Hunt!