Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Updated NutCracker

I found these three things for a dollar each at my local thrift store.....I had a vision!

I covered the little Christmas book with the top from an old Shiny Brite ornament box, using a clear matte contact paper. The tray was painted and covered with a red dotted fabric....the most fun was painting and embellishing my little nutcracker.

I have picked up three more nutcrackers...along with special embellishments for my next playtime with Nutcrackers.


No 3 Table

I started with a $1 brass and glass plant stand from my local thrift store. I painted the brass a grey color and then used brown shoe polish to give it the look of old industrial pipes.











I painted the number 3 on black foam core and put it under the glass. I love this little table..so much fun!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Office Space...little things

Little things...the details are what make decorating a room fun for me. I take a slow approach. I will be working in the office...then I decide to arrange things differently or to bring something in from another room.

















This lamp has a rice paper shade (flea market find).....with a pretty oversize Conso tassel (Tuesday Morning Outlet)....set on a (red) typewriting textbook (which is the same one I had in high school...Trader Bakers)...and there is the fabric ( Vogue Fabric booth at the Houston Quilt Show several years ago) which I draped over the window.





Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Black and White Office with Color

I love the idea of a black and white office.....but I really like color. I took color cues from my "Turtle Rose" quilt. I found the great orange chair, made the Rose Tile pillow, painted the little leaf shelf....so much fun. It almost makes working in the office bearable.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thrift Store Office


A trip to Trader Bakers yielded some great office additions. I found a student's hand copies of two of Thomas Weston's cadels....the letters L and Z. I attached them to the side of my black file cabinet with magnets. Aren't they lovely!

Thomas Weston's Cadels

One things leads to another.....


The black magazine holders (a previous thrift store find) look great on top of the file cabinet. I numbered white cards with some black vinyl numbers I had. The slinky has always been in the office....it is important to my work!

Office Upcycle

I use the vintage hole punch in my art book work.....I love this new corner in my office....upcycling makes me happy!



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Office Updates

My office is a nice little room at the end of my house. There is a good window in front of my desk with a view of our quiet street....and closer, a big tree....and closer, my garden with the rock and slab path....and closer, small trees and shade flowers.

Of course, It is February right now, so I'm thinking of the flowers.

I have an aversion to office work and computer work. It is very difficult for me to be good and do this kind of work. I would rather stitch, paint and draw....I would rather make things and do things to my house.
So, I play with the office when I'm in the office.....here is my wonderful outdated Boombox with tapes and CD's. It all fit on a little file cabinet to the left of my desk......rock on!