Sunday, June 8, 2014

Magazine Basket ReDo

Okay, so I have been a turtle in my shell for awhile now. The past year has been full of family drama and  big health (life) scares. Things have settled down and things are much much better.

I am now working with an iPad instead of my PC. I have used Word Office Suite for the past ten years. I was really good at it. I wrote three books, did blogs, made packaging and design work and magazine articles. I have to move forward and learn everything, I am making this blog in the Blogger App for my iPad......we'll see.

I just wish that they would make a Rosetta Stone for Microsoft to Apple.

Here is my latest upcycled project. It is a small thing, (but as I said, I'm testing a new format and I'm trying to make the test easy.) It is a magazine rack which I picked up at Trader Bakers for $1.25. I love the form and especially the little wooden beads. The painted part is a cute old fashioned design, but the color had to be changed. The condition is also great.....yay!

The only thing I needed to do was to paint a little bit with red and white paints. Easily done in front of the tv one evening while watching a rerun of Elementary.

How cute, right?

So, the red beads made me think of cherries. I have a cherry print fabric.....

....I may not even make a liner for the basket.....maybe I'll just cut the fabric into pieces and stuff them into the divided sections and then come up with a brilliant cherry project.
Some projects just continue for awhile....

Enjoy the Process!