Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Upcycle Studio Storage

When I gather more materials, I have to add storage. This means moving things around to get more stuff in!

I moved a little bookcase into the studio, painted a shelf that fit on top of the bookcase and then brought in my cigar boxes to organize and store small things.

Thrift store find!


I painted it this really great sort of purple black. Ooops paint from Loew's was $3. I also painted a little 5 drawer fixture with the same color....and, you know what? The 5 drawers are empty! That is a really good thing. It will hold the next group of little things which are out there and waiting for me!

I was able to gather small things from several different locations in my rooms and get them into one spot. This is the best kind of organization....getting things together in a beautiful way!