Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Small Art Studio Make Over (first installment)

Recent Drawing Room
 The "Drawing Room" is the room I draw in. I have paper and coloring materials, a light table, drafting table, layout table, layout boards, my art books, book projects, idea folders, space for drawings in use and anything else that I want for the purposes of design work.

Drawing Room 2 years ago
This room has traveled back and forth between two spaces way too many times.

Small Drawing Room Before
 So, once and for all, I had to make the decision that it needed to be bolted to the ground in one room for good!
Too Much Clutter!

 I took a good look and made my list:
#1. The first thing I needed was closed storage because everything was out in the open and it was too distracting to work in there.
#2. I decided that I was going to finally use my gallon of mis-tinted paint ($32 paint I got for $3!..yay!) in paper lunch bag color.
#3. I wanted all of my art books on the bookcases with nothing else on them.
#4.I decided all peripheral projects and materials needed to go to the "Out Room". The "Out Room" is a room in the house that has an outside door. I use it for painting furniture, refinishing, cleaning flea finds, hammering and sawing things, storage and keeping garden stuff.
#5. I needed my worktables to have nothing on them so that I could use them for current work. So, this meant more pairing down of excess stuff. This process took several rounds of serious selection.
#6. I wanted this room to be my own space, so the things that might end up hanging on the walls for decoration would be chosen only on the criteria that I loved to look at them. That is my only explanation for the final look of the room.

For #1:
I went on a foraging trip with my good friend Stefanie and found this at Don's Consignment in Owensboro Kentucky! This is a bank of three yellow school lockers! I have red bookcases! This is beyond perfect!
Yellow School Lockers for closed storage
For #2:
I had to move stuff out of the room and paint before the lockers came home.
Here are some of my art books
Scot helped me to move my books...he said...too many books....then, he helped me to paint.
Paper bag color on walls
I love the color of this paint. It is a warm neutral and a great background for primary colors. Which, as you will see, is important!....to be continued............