Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterfly Crayon Stand

99 cents thrift find
Before And After!

I believe that this butterfly stand was meant as a votive candle holder. I picked it up at my thrift store for 99 cents and had absolutely no idea what the end use would be.

I was painting some fabric for an unrelated project and thought that this stand would be pretty painted in the same colors and the same way as the fabric.

Yellow paint helps to blend green and orange

I painted the stand in these colors of craft paint, blending the colors as I went along.

Painted Crayon Stand

 As you can see, I concentrated some areas of green and orange and used the yellow to blend the colors.

Painted Butterfly Crayon Stand

I found the glass cups and added the crayons. My little grandchildren love to color using this little stand.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Antonio, My Pizza Guy

Scores from my Salvation Army Thrift Store

Sometimes, I go junking and very little comes home with me......and sometimes, I SCORE big time!

This pizza guy was just 99 cents!
The metal magazine rack with an end missing was 99cents!
The drafting table was $3.99!
The office desk top file was $1.99!
So, this day cost me 8 bucks!....yay!

The Pizza Guy will go in my kitchen.
The magazine rack will go on my back porch.
The drafting table will go in my art studio.
The metal file rack will go in my office.

This was a good day!

Antonio, the Pizza Guy, in my kitchen

I have a little work to do on Antonio, but I've already placed him in the kitchen.

He is loved by all.

Upcycled Ironing Station

I picked up this sad little stand at our local Salvation Army Thrift Store for $6. The two baskets came with the stand and I found the handled basket on a shelf....and it fit perfectly. I needed an ironing station to hold my pressing cloths, hobby irons, spray starch, lint rollers, etc.

Now, to make it worthy of my studio!


  I painted the stand with putty colored paint. It is sort of a grey/brown.
I cut black foam core boards into panels. I picked up the foam core boards for 40 cents apiece at our local flea market (score!).

Then, I covered the boards with a gold colored African fabric with turtles on it. The fabric was waiting for the perfect use! I used rubber cement to glue the fabric to the foam core and also to glue the panels to the sides of the stand to cover up the heart shaped holes.

To cover the heart shaped holes on the insides of the stand, I cut squares from a small gold and yellow print( I used my big good Havel's Rotary Cutter for this process). I fused the squares to fusible (iron on) heavy interfacing and used rubber cement to adhere the squares to the inside of the stand.  

The next step was to paint the baskets yellow. Then, I used a Guatemalan Ikat fabric to line the baskets.                   


     The last step was to glue some black flat wooden circles to cover the screws.                                              


  I like my new ironing station. It is lightweight and the handles make it easy to move it when needed. Hope you liked the makeover!